Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Arbonne RE9 Full Review

Arbonne RE9 Full Review || Mention this post for 10% off!

What is Arbonne?
Have you heard of Arbonne? Its okay, I hadn't heard of it either until a few months ago. Its an all natural skincare line- their ingredients are botanically based, dermatologist and opthamologist tested (not just recommended) and are considered certified vegan (they contain no animal products or byproducts). I'm pretty skeptical and don't buy into things easily, so I had to try it for myself to believe it. But the facts speak for themselves, so here are some basic things you need to know. 

The Facts:
-Arbonne means "good things from the earth". It was founded in Switzerland in 1975 and brought to the US in 1980. In other words, they were green before being green was cool :) Arbonne's motto is "Pure. Safe. Beneficial." .. all their products are safe for your skin, and are beneficial for your skin and health. 

-Over 1300 chemicals and ingredients are banned from skincare/beauty products in Europe. Do you know how many are banned in the United States? 6. That's why it means so much that all of the research and development is done is Switzerland and is held to the high European standards. 

-Arbonne products contain no dyes, no fragrances, no mineral oils, and are also paraben-free. Read more here and here on the dangers of these ingredients. 

What it means to me:
If you told me all of this a couple years ago I wouldn't have given it much thought. But I'm starting to see more and more just how dangerous the added ingredients we come in contact with every day are changing our lives and health for the worst. I'm starting to pay more attention to what "extras" I'm eating, drinking, and putting on my skin, and avoiding them at all costs... and I think you should too. Please go read the articles linked above on mineral oils and the other "extras" like dyes and fragrances.  

For the past few weeks I've been using Arbonne's RE9 Anti-Aging skincare line. RE = Results, 9 = the 9 age-defying elements and botanicals. The full set contains a cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, daytime moisturizer (with SPF 20) and a night cream (but each item can be purchased individually instead of buying the whole set). I make sure to use it morning and night, honestly just because it makes my skin feel amazing. I love the way I feel after using it. No, I'm not "old" but I am-- we all are-- aging. I believe its never too early to invest in your skin, and its never too early to reverse or delay the aging process. I could go on and on about how good it is for you and how amazing it makes your skin look and feel, but you need to see that for yourself. 

I've noticed my skin looks brighter, smoother, tighter, and yes, even clearer. I'm still in my early 20s, and still deal with breakouts. I usually focus on acne-fighting skincare to avoid breakouts at all costs. So I was really surprised to see that my Arbonne RE9 set isn't just improving my skin's overall appearance, it is fighting breakouts and keeping me acne-free as well. Keep in mind, your skin might detox for a week or so (breakouts) as it may need to adjust to the increase in vitamins and nutrients... so, fear not the detox! It is just your skin getting rid of all that junk that has built up! 

How can I try it? 
I'm going to be completely honest- its pricey. Its definitely an investment, but a worthwhile investment; however, if you use the suggested amount, it will last you 6 months. If you aren't willing to spend the full price on the set, I suggest you try out just the day cream or the eye cream from the line to see what you think. I'm positive you'll be convinced. Arbonne is primarily purchased through a consultant; however there are other ways, one of which is becoming a preferred client (preferred clients get 20% off every time they order, plus you can order online at any time!) 

If you're interested in ordering, or want more information about the products or becoming a preferred client, check out and then contact Kristin at to order. Anyone who mentions this blog when ordering gets 10% off! :) 

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I also recently started using Arbonne's Genius Resurfacing Pads every night. So stay tuned for a future review on that (hopefully with pictures of my results!) If nothing else, I hope you learned something from this post and took away some information about what we put on our skin every day. Skincare that is good for you, not just makes you look good, is so important and I encourage you to try something from Arbonne's skincare lines to see for yourself! Don't hesitate to send Kristin an email, or contact me, with any questions. Have a good day, everyone!


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