Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thursday Thoughts...

Sometimes I just have some random thoughts, facts, ideas, or opinions and I just want to share them. So these are my completely random Thursday Thoughts.. (Mostly beauty related of course, because what else goes through my mind?!)

- I ordered the Naked 3 palette today!! I had to really think about whether or not I wanted it, not just for the idea of it, but because I thought I'd use it. And I have to say, I don't own any colors like those in the Naked 3 palette and I'd really like to experiment with some pink/rosy looks. Read my Naked 3 post here.

- I'm looking to try out some new foundations. I picked up a new True Match foundation because the one I had wasn't the right color. I remember liking it in the past so we'll see. I'm so picky about liquid foundations so its hard for me to tell you what is best when I've only tried a couple.. So I'm trying to broaden my horizons :) Are there any foundations you'd like me to try?

- I'm really trying to come up with some ideas for future blog posts. I'm taking any and all suggestions!

- I have Revlon ColorStay polish in "fall mood" on my nails right now and it is lasting forever! I talked about the polish and its long wear on yesterday's post. I'm not crazy about the color but the fact that it's staying on without chipping is making me want to keep wearing it.. there's no point in taking it off, right?

- ItsJudyTime tweeted me! If you're not big on YouTube beauty 'gurus' or vloggers, you probably wont care. But I'm a total nerd and am obsessed with Judy and her family so I was really excited when she tweeted me!! (I told her the name of her Michael Kors purse because she wasn't sure what it was called and she tweeted to thank me.. like I said, I'm a nerd!)

- I subscribed to Ipsy yesterday! I'm still keeping my Birchbox subscription, but I wanted to see if Ipsy is all its cracked up to be. It'll be nice to be able to compare the 2 boxes for you guys. After a few months I'll unsubscribe to whichever one I feel isn't making the cut. I'm still on Ipsy's waiting list though so who knows when I'll receive my first box.

- Ever since it got cold out I've been wanting a nice robe to keep warm while I'm home, or while I'm getting ready. I was being so picky about it and couldn't commit to one. Then I finallyyyyy ordered one from Kohls on the 13th, and it wont even be here until the 25th! That's slightly ridiculous if you ask me. I wish I had just driven the 40 minutes to the closest Kohls and bought it in-store!

- This is the time of year my skin usually starts getting all dry and itchy, and I haven't had that problem at all so far. I'm not complaining!

Okay I think that's it.. Randomness, right? Get used to it because its happening every Thursday! ;) Have a great day everyone!


  1. Which robe at kohls did you buy? My kobls order came in like 5 days, can't believe hours is taking so long!!