Saturday, August 1, 2015

StitchFix Round 2

Sooo.. I got my second Stitchfix. I wasn't sure if you guys wanted to hear about it, but it seems as if people are curious about my second box, so I decided to snap some quick pictures.

First of all, if you're wondering what StitchFix is read this post. 

When I originally started this post I was a bit frustrated and about to cancel my subscription alltogether.. but after I calmed down (I may be a bit dramatic) I decided to give it a couple more months to see if I can manipulate my stylist show my stylist(s) what I'm into- and for the record, I'm not into cargo shorts. :-)

And I'm willing to admit that maybe I'm not cut out for StitchFix... I'm picky, boring, and I know what I like. So maybe that doesn't work well with having my own stylist from afar. I think the biggest issue is that my style doesn't mesh with StitchFix's style. Yes, I said StitchFix's style. More on that later. First, let me just show you what I got.

Filagree Ribbon Tank, $48

Iriss Twill Short, $58
(sorry for the awkward wedgie butt shot! just trying to show the pockets lol)

Corinna Striped Dolman Top, $48
Tami Floral Dress, $68
Huron Mixed Material Reversible Tote, $54

I think I may come across as impossible to please, and I promise, I'm not. 

Here's my issue: search the #stitchfix hashtag on Instagram, look at the photos on Pinterest. All the clothes look the same! The same style. Sort of preppy, flowy tops, geometric prints with unique detail like ribbon straps or an open back. In my opinion, Stitchfix doesn't exactly personalize a wardrobe just for you. I think they have a warehouse of lookalike clothing for moms and they pick and choose 4 or 5 items without really giving it much consideration. Oops. 

I'll let you decide.. these are the things I specifically told my stylist(s) from the beginning and made very clear in every comment
- I don't wear a lot of color
- I hate prints
- I don't like flowy tops because I'm busty and they make me look pregnant
- I prefer edgier clothing 
- I prefer black and grey
- I did not want a lot of accessories

also, here's a screen shot of my 'style' board on pinterest, which she is supposedly going off of. does it look anything like my last 2 fixes?
So.. in short:

• the pink top isn't me, in any way, shape, or form and it was actually very unflattering and flowy, which I specifically said I didn't want
• the shorts were awful. very comfy, but nothing that I would ever wear. you can't see well in the picture but they had big bulky cargo pockets and were very high waisted, but not in a cute way, in an... old lady way (sorry)
• the dolman sleeve top is very cute and I'm keeping it, but I'll have to save it for fall obviously since its 3/4 sleeve and very thick.
• the dress was way too big and nothing I would ever wear
• the tote was actually pretty cute, but felt cheap for $50 and I don't usually use big bags anyway

So.. am I being entirely too picky? I KNOW that these clothes aren't ugly or unfashionable. I just think since I'm technically paying a stylist to learn my style.. they'd try a little harder than to send the exact things I said I prefer not to receive, right?? right?? Or am I being a brat? If I am, you're allowed to tell me. 

All that said.. I'm giving it 2 more boxes. I'm going to give lots of detailed responses about the clothing I received, and update my style profile so that there is NO QUESTION ABOUT IT- I DON'T WANT PRINTS OR COLORS :-) shew! 

I seriously NEEEED to hear your thoughts. Am I being crazy?? Tell me!
Katie xox

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ssoooo.. I decided to partner with my friend Allison and give you the chance to win a FREE Mac lipstick just by treating yourself to a super cute Stella & Dot necklace.

How cute is the bar necklace I'm wearing in this picture? Its engraved with my wedding anniversary, so its super special. And YOU can engrave anything up to 10 characters.. A name, birthday, anniversary, initials, a heart.. its really up to you. P.S. it comes in gold or silver.

AAAAND.. the first person to order this necklace by contacting Allison ( WINS a free Mac lippie.. from me! :-) I will either let you choose which color, or if you want, I'll surprise you with one of my favorites. All you have to do is hurry and order that necklace.. the first person to contact her and order, wins. 

And for the other slowpolks (I kid.. kind of) you'll still be entered to win lots of Stella & Dot goodies- your name will be entered in a drawing to win a "mystery hostess" reward where you earn all the free $$ and half off items of being a hostess, without actually hosting a party! 

If you order please comment on my Instagram Post (@makupyourmind) or below to tell me what you decided to engrave on your necklace. It isn't neccessary to win.. I'm just nosy ;-) 

Okay go!
Katie xox

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My First StitchFix!

So I signed up for Stitch Fix a few weeks ago after hearing some good and bad things about it. I decided I needed to see for myself. I got my first Fix a few days ago and, although this isn't exactly makeup related, I know a lot of people were curious so I thought I'd share :-)

When singing up you get to answer lots of questions about your body, body type, what you're comfortable showing off, what you'd like to hide, and then elaborate a bit more on what your style is. I made it clear that I'm more edgy/casual and less preppy/dressy/frilly. I stick to basic, solid colors (aka, I always wear black, gray, white, brown, and maybe green). I was also able to attach a link to my style Pinterest board so she could get a feel for what I'm into.

So.. without elaborating too much, I'll just show what I got.

Pixley Vyner Fringe Top - $64

Pixley Seanna Split Back Knit Tank - $44

Market & Spruce Corby Knit Tee - $38
Kut From The Kloth Distressed Boyfriend Jean - $78 (picture on right)
** the jeans in the first 2 pictures are my own jeans from Express, not my Stitch Fix jeans. 

Marlyn Schiff Atalaya Double Layer Triangle Necklace - $38

Here's how it goes..
• you sign up here
• then fill out your profile. its very specific on what you like, don't like, what you don't mind showing off, what you'd like to hide, how you like things to fit, etc. 
• they set you up with a designer (mine's name is Meredith) and schedule your fix
• you wait :-)
• when your fix arrives, you look at it, try it on, then have 3 days to make a decision. once you decide, you login to your account, "checkout", which means you tell them what you're keeping and what you're returning, there are some optional questions on fit, style, etc so your designer can get to know you better, then you return what you don't want in a prepaid package and send it back! you only pay for what you keep :-)
• there is a $20 'stylist fee'. this means, if you decide to return all of it, you still have to pay $20; however, if you keep anything the $20 goes toward the item(s) as a credit. If you decide to keep all 5 items, you receive 25% off your purchase.

The Verdict:
I only kept the necklace (lol) ONLY because I didn't 100% love any of it, so I didn't want to spend the money on things I wasn't in love with; however, I'm optimistic and can't wait until next month (just got an email that its scheduled for August 3)

My Thoughts
- I didn't hate any of it. I seriously considered keeping all of it, but like I said, I didn't love it.

- None of the items were things I would pick out or try on in a store, for various reasons. These are items I would assume wouldn't look good on my body (I pride myself on the fact that I'm a really good judge of what will look good on me..); however, I was actually pleasantly surprised, and it taught me to be more open minded.

- The only thing I hated were the boyfriend jeans. I've never tried them on for a reason. They look awful. It takes a really hot person to pull them off, and I'm not one of them lol

- my items were a bit expensive, however, I blame myself because when filling out the questionnaire, they give you price range options. I opted for the medium range one, instead of marking "the cheaper the better" (because I don't necessarily want cheap clothes) but for the record, there is the option. 

Although I didn't keep a lot this time, I actually loved the overall experience. It was very simple and fun and I think I'm really going to be pleased once my stylist 'gets' me a little more. 
xo katie

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

First of all, before I even start this post.. I need to apologize
a) for my hair. this was 3-day hair that I was trying to get away with. it was left over curls and frizziness and ended up on top of my head before the review was done. ignore it please!
b) the lighting. I was using natural lighting and apparently the sun went in and out about 394,839,329 times in the 10 minutes it took me to take pictures. So some pictures are warm and dark and others I look washed out.

Okay, glad I got that off my chest.. now..

I've been wanting to try Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes for a while, but for some reason I was always intimidated. (It doesn't take much) I saw others using it and thought I'd like to try but some uninformed person told me that they "heard" it was like a crazy 5-step process that took 20 minutes to perfect.... and because I believed that, I never gave in! I know, I know. Well flash-forward to now, and I finally decided to give in to the allure. I talked to Leah, a Younique Presenter, and she eased my mind and sent some over.

I finally sat down today (still a tiny bit intimidated, because I'm a weirdo) and tried it. First of all, let me make it clear, it is not a 5-step process, and it didn't much time at all- it takes me longer to do my liquid liner than it did to apply the 3D Fiber Lashes. So wanna know what I thought? Keep reading.

What you need to know:
- It is actually only 3 steps, 2 products. It is buildable and its up to you how many layers you choose to do- so if you want to make it a 10 step process you can, but its not necessary and it still doesn't take very long regardless. 
- The package comes with 2 tubes: a transplanting gel you apply first, and a tube of the fibers, which stick to the gel. The key is to apply the transplanting gel, then apply the fibers while still wet, then apply the transplanting gel again after. (more on this later)
- It retails at $29. If you've bought high-end mascara before, then you already know that you truly do get what you pay for. This will last you a long time, some claim almost a year before they had to buy more, so it definitely is worth the money.
- You need to order through a Younique Presenter. Its never safe to order it through a retail site like Amazon, Ebay, etc because you may not be paying for the real thing. 

How To:
- You may start off with a coat of your own mascara, although that isn't necessary. (I didn't the first time. I have tried a couple times since then and didn't notice a significant difference)
- First you use the transplanting gel just like you would a normal mascara, coating from base to tip of your lashes.
- AS SOON as you apply the transplanting gel, apply the second (smaller) tube of fibers directly onto the gel, while its still wet. Its very important that you do this while its still wet or it wont stick.
- Then finish with another coat of the transplanting gel
- If you want, you can add another layer of fibers, and another layer of gel. Build on it until you get your desired look. You can do one simple coat, or you can create a more dramatic look with extra layers. I applied mine twice.
**It is very important to follow the directions exactly right. When I hear people saying the product didn't work right for them, I've noticed its because they didn't follow the exact directions for application**

as you can see on the top picture, and on my 'naked' eye, I have nearly invisible lashes. the tips are blonde and they're short and stubby

My thoughts: 
I was really, really pleasantly surprised, for many reasons. 
First, despite the fact that its multiple steps, it didn't take long at all and it wasn't complicated or hard. It was very easy. I feel like I have shorter/invisible lashes than the average person, so I feel like others with already-long lashes would have amazing results. My lashes are a disappointment in general but I was very pleased with how they look. 

It looks like I have false lashes on.
I love the look of falsies but no matter how many times I apply them, I still feel unsure and they never look perfect. So this is definitely a great substitute for false lashes, and has the exact same effect. 

My bottom lashes have never looked better.
HOWEVER.. don't judge the above picture for that, because like an idiot, I forgot to apply it for the pictures! After the pictures I realized it, and loved it once I applied it. My lower lashes are really blonde as well, and it made them much longer and fuller. 

Its definitely a glam look.
I read that one woman suggests only using it for special occasions, which may be true if you're not a makeup person; however, I'm not above going to the grocery store with a full-face of makeup and a red lip, so I think the dramatic lashes are great for all occasions if you want your eyes to pop! 

The Cons:
For the most part I love this product. My only complaint would be (and this may be something you could avoid once you get the hang of it) it was a tiny bit messy at times. When I apply mascara I like to open my eyes wide to be sure to get all the way to the tip. When using the first step transplanting gel, the tips of my lashes would hit my brow bone and leave tiny little dots, which then smeared when I tried to get it off. I also read that the fibers can fall down onto your cheeks, and although I didn't have this problem I can see that happening. So I'd suggest maybe holding a tissue under your eye while applying it, and keep a q-tip handy to clean up any mess.. But like I said, once I get the hang of it that might not matter at all. :-)

(one coat of Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes on left eye, the right eye is completely 'naked')
So what do you guys think? I love the overall look, as I said. 

If you're interested in this look for yourself, please contact Leah. She will answer all your questions and can have it ordered and sent to you super quick. To order, click here. Or for more information or to view other products, click here.

xo katie

Thursday, June 25, 2015

just wanted to share with you this super fun red lip I rocked yesterday. 
(click the links to see more product info)

(I'll share my mascara with you later)



I reviewed something new and I can't wait to tell you guys about it hopefully tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Lashes & Lingerie • Adore Me

This might get a little personal.. but what makes you feel sexier than lacy, pretty lingerie? Don't blush! Seriously, it might not be something you treat yourself with often, but when you do put on something that makes you look great, it can be empowering- and of course since my brain is makeup-wired, the only other thing to make you feel even sexier is the right makeup to pair it with. Sooo.. I teamed up with Adore Me and created two separate looks- something bold & spicy and something more soft & sultry.

bold & spicy
I would pair this gorgeous black & white number with natural lashes (try Arbonne's Its A Long Story Mascara), a super sexy cat eye using liquid liner (I love this liquid liner by Lorac), and the best part, a bright red lip like this shade (011) by Rimmel London's Kate Collection

soft & sultry
This is more my style. soft, feminine, but still sexy. False lashes make a flirty statement (these are demi whispys, use any kind you'd like!) and top them off with Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (name is fitting, right?). To create the perfect sultry look, use Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette for a natural smoky eye. Pair it with a nude lip or gloss.. and voila!  

Go check out Adore Me & you'll be sure to find something that fits your inner goddess ;) Whether its something sexy, girly, spicy, red, black, just find something that makes you feel amazing, pair it with the perfect makeup look, and most importantly, be confident! 

have fun!
xoxo, katie 
@makupyourmind on instagram

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Arbonne Liquid Sunshine Self Tanner Review

I'm not totally against a real tan, although I do take sun safety seriously. To be honest, it just hasn't been consistently warm enough here to lay out or go to the beach to get a real tan! So when my sister told me about Arbonne's Liquid Sunshine self tanner, I was all about it, because I'm really tired of having pale legs.

First of all, I'm lucky enough to tan easily, without burning, so I've never been a self-tan kind of girl. I hate seeing people walk around with orange streaky feet and legs, with orange palms. But she assured me that it is actually easy to use and not orange like some other self tanners, so I gave in and tried it.

Here were her instructions:
- shave, exfoliate, and moisturize first. yes, cover yourself in regular lotion BEFORE applying the tanner, if your skin is patchy, dry, or scaly, the tanner is going to cling to those areas, as with any fake tan.
- shake tanner bottle well
- use a generous amount and rub in well. apply lightly  to knees, ankles, and feet. (one tip I've read is to mix tanner with regular lotion for these areas. it makes the tanner less effective and doesn't look streaky or blotchy at all)
- wash hands well to remove all tanner off of hands
- let dry completely before putting clothes on

As you can see, I had great results! I was so pleased, especially for someone who isn't into tanners. I wasn't orange at all, the color was very even. And the best part was that I saw results in 2 hours (actually a little less). It was easy to use, although I will say you should still be careful and deliberate, don't just rub it on and go. be mindful of the ankle and foot area.. I wasn't as careful with my ankles and did notice the back of my ankle was a little darker/uneven, but I blame myself because I didn't really moisturize that area as well and I wasn't that careful while applying.

My plan was to do a second application the next day, but when I woke up I realized I didn't really need a second application. The color developed a bit more overnight and I was the exact color I wanted to be (I tried taking pictures but because of the natural lighting in my house that day my legs actually looked a couple shades lighter). My first application was on Wednesday, today is Saturday and it has faded a bit, but definitely still noticeable, so I plan to do a second coat today and update you guys tomorrow or Monday. :-)

Some questions I was asked, by you guys! (P.S. these were from Instagram- I posted there first, so if you aren't following me, GO! @makupyourmind)

Q- Does it have a smell?
A- It has a slight smell- the initial smell just smells like any lotion. I did notice a tiny bit of a tanner smell but I didn't mind at all, it was very subtle.

Q- Does it rub off on your sheets?
A- No. Once it dried I put on light colored shorts, sat on a white blanket, and slept on my white sheets that night and it never rubbed off.

Q- How long does it last?
A- Like I said, I applied Wednesday, and today is Saturday and I still notice slight color. I'd say 4-5 days with one coat. Probably longer but I've shaved and showered every day since then.

Q- Does it fade naturally?
A- Yes. I've had tans before that made me speckly and dirty looking when they fade. This honestly just looks like less color, with no unevenness or "dots" like I've seen before.

Q- Where can I buy it?
A- You can order directly from THIS LINK or you can contact Kristin Daniels at

Stay tuned for pictures of my second application.. I'll post an update with my final thoughts!