Wednesday, May 4, 2016

like. literally. so cute.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that Kylie Jenner & Kylie Cosmetics are.. well.. everything. I, personally, love Kylie, I know others hate her. But say what you will, Kylie's doing big things with her lip kits. I own 2 of her matte lip kits, Kourtney K and Mary Jo & love them. I don't own them all so I don't think its fair to do an overall review, but I did manage to get all of the glosses.

I know they sell out super fast, and if you're lucky enough to get your hands on them, consider yourself blessed.. angels are looking down on you. 

First of all, before I even talk about the glosses themselves, I want to give props to Kylie & her customer service team. The first batch of glosses came out on April 1st. Apparently, prior to that Kylie had sent some Youtubers, makeup artists, and bloggers some glosses in advance. After receiving their feedback, Kylie decided that the wand of the glosses was too long and that the brush wasn't fitting in and out of the tube well creating it to feather out like this. Kylie instantly stopped production of her glosses to create a better brush and shorter wand. Unfortunately anyone who ordered their glosses on April 1 received the not-so-great wand. I was one of those people. 

Instead of just sending everyone an email, a runaround on how to get a new product, a website credit, or anything I'd expect (and have experienced in the past) Kylie decided to do it RIGHT. The company re-sent the new and improved product to EVERYONE who ordered on April 1st. No questions asked. A couple weeks later I received an email saying my product had shipped (I did absolutely nothing on my end, they handled it all) and within a few days I got a new lip gloss, and to me, THAT is excellent customer service and the correct way to handle things.

Okay with that, on to the glosses.. :-)

The three gloss colors, from darkest to lightest, are "like", "literally", and "so cute". Cute, right? They are currently sold out, just like every freaking thing on the site, BUT, when she restocks, they can be purchased at for $15 each. 

They are all nude shades, which I love, and are very on-trend. I feel like I should mention that I'm so not a lip gloss girl. I can't even tell you the last time I wore or purchased a lip gloss. But Kylie made these look so tempting that I had to get them. And although I'm still getting used to the way glosses in general feel, I really do love the look, especially since its something different for me and out of my comfort zone. 

Like: The darkest of the three. Its the most pigmented. 
Literally: The medium shade and my favorite. I think this would go great with any skin tone.
So cute: The lightest and most pink. This one scared me at first, but was actually easier to pull off than I expected. Even if you aren't used to wearing lighter colors, I suggest you try it!

Overall they're very pigmented. It doesn't take much product at all which is great because you don't have that goopy, heavy feel. The formula is surprisingly creamy, somewhat sticky (because, I mean, it is a lip gloss) but definitely not uncomfortably sticky, and glides on really well. Oh and they smell really yummy, kind of like a cookie scented candle. And, the brush issue was completely corrected (and I have a great point of reference since I have the original gloss and my brush was messed up). 

I love that she released these because matte lips are so in right now and its so fun to switch it up. When I was wearing them I was surprised at how well I loved the look and how it pulled my makeup together so well. I feel sort of guilty because I want you all to go try these glosses right now, but they're sold out! So be on the lookout for the restock, and snatch them up as soon as you can!

Have a great day guys!
xo katie


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