Tuesday, June 24, 2014

arbonne awaken sea salt scrub- why it is a summer MUST HAVE!

hey guys! I mentioned this product on my 2014 summer essentials post, but I wanted to elaborate a bit more today, especially since I can offer you a discount for next few days! (until 6/27/14)

I consider this to be a staple for summertime because I use it every. single. day. to shave. 

why I love it: no matter what razor, shower gel, shaving cream, lotion, etc I've ever used, I've never been that girl with exceptionally smooth legs. I would shave, then have to apply lotion as soon as I got out of the shower, and then again later on if I wanted the moisture to last. ever since I started using this salt scrub to shave my legs my legs look and feel AMAZING! although I like to apply lotion when I get out of the shower no matter what, I can definitely get away with skipping the lotion altogether. my legs look smooth, shiny, sexy, and they feel amazing. it exfoliates which not only gets rid of the dead skin, but allows for a closer shave. 

but its not just for shaving. it can be used all over (besides the face of course). I don't use it on my full body every day, but on days I'll be showing a little, I just use the sea salt scrub all over and love the way my skin feels and SMELLS! it leaves a non-greasy, yet moisturizing oil behind so that your skin glows. 

how to use it: I just take a little scoop of the product and apply it straight to my legs, scrub allllll the dead skin off, then rinse. once the sea salt is gone, you're left with an oil. I just shave with the leftover oil, then rinse once more. it is the best, easiest, closest shave I've ever had! 

how to buy: this week I'm hosting an arbonne 'party' online for anyone who wants to try this or any other of arbonne's all natural products. you can click here to join the party on facebook and to find out about other products. you can also contact Kristin Daniels for more info on products.. all of her info is listed on the event description! AND because she is so kind, she is offering a great discount for anyone who orders from my party this week! if you order today, your order will be 35% off. if you order tomorrow (wednesday, 6/25) your order will be 30% off. thursday- 25% off. friday- 20% off. 

just join the online party and go to www.arbonne.com to browse products. if we aren't friends on facebook, just let Kristin know that you found her through makeup-your-mind blog! :-)

have a good day everyone!


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