Saturday, February 1, 2014

My favorite lip products of all time!

I really didn't have to put much thought into today's post. I keep a small bag in my purse that has all of the lip products I use the most. Each and every one of these lippies listed today are what I keep in my bag, and use on a daily basis. Obviously some are more dramatic than others, but for the most part I stick to natural nude colors, aka "my lip color but better" shades. So, in no particular order...
(note that the name & shade of each product is listed on the side of the picture)

This was my very first Mac lipstick and I was not disappointed. Its a satin, which means its right in the middle between matte and creamy. Its definitely creamy enough, but nothing too shiny. Just nice and natural. I like it because it isn't a typical nude, its definitely got a pink side to it, without being too dramatic. And it definitely Mac lipstick quality in that it lasts a long time, has great pigmentation, and doesn't dry out your lips. 

In the tube you would think this is an exact dupe for Faux, but as you can see in the swatch, its actually way more brown and less pink. A great nude that seems to be just a couple shades darker than my lip. Perfect for someone who isn't too brave with lipstick because its very natural but still adds a little 'umph' to your look. It can be a tad bit drying, so I tend to apply a chapstick/lip balm before using this lipstick, but its not too bad. Looks really pretty with a sheer gloss over it. 

This is such a great, feminine color for when you want to be a bit more dramatic. I consider this THE color for fall/winter and will still be rocking it into spring. Milani lipsticks are so creamy and shiny (but not shimmery) and feel so comfortable on my lips. If you've ever worn a dry or thick lipstick, you'll know what I mean by being "comfortable".. this one feels so moisturizing and lightweight. I also have a Milani lipstick in a nude color and love it just as much, but to me, this deep plum/sangria color is a color you should definitely pick up! If you haven't worn a bold color before, try this one! 

I did a review on this one once before, but I'll go ahead and say it all again.. this is the perfect matte lip color, especially for a dark lip. I love the way this deep red looks when its matte, it just adds a whole new layer of drama to the look. Its wearable for day or night, and stays put for a long time. It does, however, dry my lips a bit, but at that point I like to just wipe it all off and reapply to avoid creasing or chapped looking lips. Its a gorgeous color that can be great for an evening out on the town or a day shopping.

I was a little unsure on whether to add this with my lip balm category or lipstick.. but I think they're pigmented enough to be considered closer to a lipstick. Months ago I never wore lip color. The only thing I ever had on my lips was lip balm and maybe a gloss every now and then. Then I discovered Revlon Lip Butters and it was my transition into lip color. These are great for anyone who isn't comfortable wearing anything major on their lips. Its a nice sheer color, very moisturizing, nice and glossy but natural looking. Even their darker shades are sheer, but buildable, so you can make them as simple or dark as you'd like. Creme brulee is my absolute favorite and is on my lips pretty much every single day. It gives a nice, light, sheer nude color to my lips and is a great complement to any makeup look. Out of all the products I've talked about today.. these are my absolute favorites! Especially this specific color.

I grouped these together because there are only 2 of them, and the only 2 I'll ever need! I can't stand sticky gloss and have trouble finding any gloss that I like. These 2 are my favorites and I own them in multiple shades! 
1. Mac Lip Glass in Softly Lit. This actually came in the Stroke of Midnight Holiday Collection from Mac that also came with a lipstick (Creme de Nude) and a lip liner. This is a great, pearly, light pink gloss that looks good with any other shade, or does well on its own. Not sticky at all. This one was, unfortunately, limited edition; however, their Lip Glasses in general are great, and you'll love it in any shade. If you're looking for a similar color though, try Flair for Finery.
2. NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee. I heard so many things about these Butter Glosses so I had to pick some up. This one was my favorite, hands down. Butter Glosses have names related to food (Creme Brulee, Peaches & Cream, Maple Blondie, etc) and smell AMAZING. There is nothing better than a lip gloss that feels great on your lips and smells like you want to eat it. It has a yummy vanilla/food-ish scent that makes you want to lick your lips. The pigmentation is amazing (as you can see in the swatch) and doesn't need to be worn with a lipstick at all. This particular one is a light pink color but nothing too bright.

Lip Balms
First of all.. I didn't realize until looking at the photo, just how beat up these are. Its because I use them all the time and they're always with me (even if that means sticking them in my husband's pocket if I go purse-less). They are well loved. I think I've loved Burt's Bees since middle school and probably always will. I've tried other brands and other chapsticks, but I'm just not happy if it isn't the cool, minty feel of Burt's Bees. The Nivea Lip Butter was new to me this past year, and I was surprised how much I love it. I typically don't buy anything I have to dip my finger into (am I the only one weird about that?!) but I heard this smelled and felt great so I gave it a try.. and it lived up to its reputation. The smell is really nice, even though I don't even like raspberry smells. It also feels literally, like butter on your lips. It also gives a really nice creamy light pink sheen on your lips, so its really more than just a moisturizing balm. There is also a vanilla scented (I think) one that I hear is great but I haven't tried it. 

So that's it! My favorite lip products, ever. They are all products I stand by and would recommend to anyone, so go give them a try! Let me know if you bought any and loved them as much as I do. What are your favorite lip products? Comment below!


  1. Right now I am really liking a bold red lip. At the moment I have Revlon color stay red liner and Maybelline Red Revival lipstick in my purse. The lipstick really does seem to wear well and doesn't rub off quickly like some others. I also really like the liner because it keeps the edges really clean and doesn't smudge.