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Drugstore Makeup Favorites: The Best of Maybelline

Drugstore Makeup Favorites: The Best of Maybelline
Hi, guys! It seems like it has been forever since I blogged, and I think I somehow missed a week in my drugstore series. But do me a favor and pretend that never happened... I'll just pick up where I left off! 

Part 3 of my Drugstore Makeup Favorites is alllll about Maybelline. I'll be honest and say I did Revlon and L'Oreal first because they're my favorites and I have a lot of products from their lines. But when I started thinking (and going through) my makeup I realized I have A TON of Maybelline products.. even more than L'Oreal! I guess I love them a whole lot more than I thought. So here we go!

1. Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
I haven't really tried many other things in the Fit Me line, but I heard so many great things about this concealer so I had to try it. I wasn't sure at first.. But after a while I found that I love it. Its sort of a really creamy mousse. The texture is different from any other concealer that I've used and I love how easily it blends. It isn't too thick at all, and never looks cakey, but it has great coverage. I especially like it for under my eyes and to hide redness around my nose. Just yesterday I used it under my eyes, on redness, and a few blemishes, and then added a bit of setting powder, and was able to skip foundation all together! 

2. Maybelline Color Elixir Lip Color
I really like the fact that they call this a lip color and not a lip gloss because its definitely more than just a lip gloss. They definitely look like lip glosses in the tube, and are applied as lip glosses. But they are just as pigmented and opaque as a lipstick. There's a great color selection and the brush feels so good. (Apparently its an Angora brush?!) I can't wait to use the bright pops of pink and purple this spring.

3. Maybelline Dream Lumi Concealer
I realize I included 3 concealers in this list, but I don't even consider this a concealer because I use it as a highlighter. Its definitely able to be used as a concealer and has great coverage, but I specifically like it to highlight my cheek bones and upper lip. It isn't sparkly or overly shimmery, which I like, and can be blended so that it looks way more natural than any powder highlighter I've ever used. It illuminates, brightens, and reflects light in a way that isn't overly obvious, and I really like that. 

4. Maybelline Falsies Big Eyes Mascara 
Okay, first of all: I love Maybelline Falsies Mascara. I just want to make that super clear to anyone who didn't know. I love it, I really do. I consider it to be one of the best mascaras ever, even out of the high end brands I've tried. They came out with the Falsies Big Eyes mascara and I was in love! Basically its a double ended mascara with two different brushes, one for top lashes (its the normal Falsies brush) and the other is a tiny, thin brush for bottom lashes. I have really short, blonde bottom lashes and this works great for applying it without getting it all under my eyes, and it separates them as well. My only complaint is that since its two separate ends, you really get half the amount of each product you would normally get, so I find myself having to replace it a lot more than a full tube. 

5. Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer
This mascara is specifically for dark circles (the full name is actually Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer..... but that's a mouthful right?!) I absolutely love this under my eyes. I was a bit intimidated when I first tried it because it is pretty thick. But the coverage is amazing and it is one of the only concealers I've ever used that didn't make me greasy at all. It really does make my eyes look refreshed and more awake (which it claims to do) while covering any dark circles or discoloration. 

6. Maybelline Volum' Express Mega Plush Mascara
Maybelline really likes long names! I usually just call this Mega Plush. I reach for this mascara when I want a natural look because it makes my lashes look amazing.. without looking like I'm wearing mascara. Is that a weird description? I think it makes my lashes look so natural and 'bouncy' but long and separated as well. It apparently has a gel-mousse formula with 40% less hard waxes, which I think is what makes it looks so natural and plush without being crazy dramatic. I never have to worry about brittle, clumpy lashes when I use this and I think more mascaras should switch to this formula. 

7. Maybelline Baby Lips
The packaging of these balms remind me so much of the 80s and 90s. In fact, they really remind me of my childhood, and something I had as a kid, so when I first saw them I assumed they were geared more toward kids and preteens sort of like Lip Smackers! After a couple of people told me I had to try them, I did, and I was pleasantly surprised! They glide on super smooth and make your lips feel great, all while making them look shiny and 'baby soft.' There's also a huge variety of colors and scents. I picked up a hot pink one, thinking it was just like a fruity chapstick, and I was shocked when I saw that my lips were actually hot pink. Don't be fooled by the 'lip balm' claim, these actually have a lot of color payoff! 

8. Maybelline Eye Studio Eyeshadow Quad
I mentioned these a month or so ago in my Drugstore Eyeshadow post. I love that these quads are small and compact, but still have plenty of product. The shadows are super silky and soft, not powdery at all, and have tons of color payoff. All four shadows are shimmers, I don't think there is a matte shade included in any of the quads.. the shimmer of the shadows is gorgeous. They blend really well and make your eyes really pop, and the colors in each quad are all beautiful and work really well together! 

I love Maybelline because they make products anyone can afford, but they don't skimp on quality. The only Maybelline products that I personally don't feel live up to the hype, are the Lip Whispers. I'm just a Lip Butter fan and haven't found a Lip Whisper that worked for me. But I've loved pretty much any other product from Maybelline that I've tried. 

Stay tuned next week for Cover Girl!


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