Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Urban Decay Naked Double-Ended Eye Pencils Review w/ Swatches

** be sure to read the two updates at the bottom of the post ** 
I haven't heard too much about these but, as usual, I fell into the whole impulse-buy section at the counter at Ulta. The only one they had left was Naked 2 so I got it and fell in love with it right away.. so, because I
feel it is my duty to blog about every beauty product I love, I decided to order the other 3 to try them
out and report back ;)

What is it: 4 dual-ended eye pencils that correlate with the 4 different Urban Decay
Naked palettes. Naked, Naked 2, Naked 3, and Naked Basics.
Price: $16 each

Zero: nice basic black creme liner
Whiskey: a rich matte brown. 
My thoughts: I was pleasantly surprised to see matte colors. They're great shades that would work well with all of the palettes. They glide on really easily and can work for upper and lower line. I like that Whiskey isn't too red, because it works well under the eyes without making my eyes look red. 

Naked 2
Perversion: a super black black. very dark and creamy. 
Pistol: light gray/brown taupe-ish shimmer. 
My thoughts: This was the first pencil I owned and the reason I bought the rest. They go on so smooth and the black is the blackest black I've ever seen! Pistol looks amazing on my lower lash line. Pistol is also a shadow in the Naked 2 palette and they look very similar. A great way to incorporate the same shade on the lid and lower lash line! (Click here to see Pistol eye shadow)

Naked 3
Blackheart: deep black with bits of red micro-glitter (same as Blackheart shadow)
Darkside: purplish-taupe satin.
My thoughts: Honestly, these are the exact duplicates of the 2 correlating shadows in the Naked 3 palette. They both have a pinkish purplish hue, and will be a great complement to the palette itself. Blackheart looks exactly like the shadow itself, and Darkside is pretty close to its 'twin shadow' as well. (Click here to read all about the Naked 3 palette and to see swatches of the shadows)

Naked Basics
** Note: In the photo above, I switched the names of the 2 shadows, so Crave is actually the first swatch (on the left) and Venus is the one on the right. **
Venus: gorgeous off-white shimmer.
Crave: very deep matte brown.
* My thoughts: I was glad they included Venus because I was afraid they would do only matte shades for the Naked Basics palette, since the majority of the shades are matte. I love the shimmery white for highlighting (obviously) and Crave is perfect for when I want a dramatic, dark look but don't want to use black. 

Overall, I really like these eye pencils. They are colors I would use all the time and with a few exceptions, I'd interchange all the pencils with any of the palettes. My only "eh" would be Naked 3's Blackheart. I'm not into sparkly/glittery liners, and I don't see myself using it since it has a bit of a purplish red hue; however, I'm definitely going to try it out on my upper lash line to see how it looks with the other shadows in the palette. Other than that, I love the pencils and plan to use them all in lots of different ways! 

** UPDATE ** 

I woke up this morning and realized I never washed the swatches off my arm.. so I decided to keep it on to see how it lasted. The eyeliners claim to be 24 hour pencils (I never pay attention that stuff because I rarely wear any makeup for 24 hours! lol) but I was surprised how long they've lasted. Its now been over 24 hours and, although they've definitely faded, they're still standing! Here's a low-quality picture I took on my phone.

Oh yeah, one more thing! I'm going to give away one of these double-ended pencils, along with a bunch of other fun items! 

Thanks guys!


  1. All the shades look so nice!

    Ray | Obey Ray

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