Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lorac Pro Palette Review w/ Swatches

Lorac Pro Palette Review w/ Swatches!

I've been so excited to review this palette because I just want everyone to know of its awesomeness! And let me apologize in advance for the messy pictures.. this is a very well loved palette. Plus I made the mistake of taking photos of the palette after I swatched, so there are fingerprints and excess powder everywhere! But oh well. Here we go.. 

Lorac Pro Palette Review w/ Swatches!
Lorac Pro Palette Review w/ Swatches!

What is it: A palette of 16 different shades, 8 matte (top row) and 8 shimmery (bottom row)
Price: $42
Best for: All different looks. Works for when you want a natural look, want to play around with color, an everyday natural look, or a smoky eye. Great palette for creating all different kinds of looks.. and all you need is one palette!

Lorac Pro Palette Review w/ Swatches!
Lorac Pro Palette Review w/ Swatches!
Top Row
White: Great for for a subtle highlight since its matte. Pigmented enough to show up but not too white that you look ghostly.
Cream: This is the only shade that doesn't show up well on my skin tone..
I'm sure if you had darker skin it would look great on you. 
Taupe: A true taupe or sienna color. My go-to shade for the crease. 
Lt. Pink: I honestly haven't used this color too much but its very opaque
and is also great for highlighting.
Bottom Row
Nude: Perfect for the inner corner. Shows up great, nice and shimmery
but the glitter isn't chunky. 
Champagne: One of my favorites. Very close to Nude but a bit more pink. Also great for the inner corner, highlighting, or an all over shade. 
Gold: A gorgeous true gold. Very opaque (this took one swipe to swatch!) and gives a great "pop" to any look you go with. 
Lt. Bronze: Pretty much a darker shade of Champagne. Goes really well with with all the other colors in the palette. I like this one in the center of my eye. 

Lorac Pro Palette Review w/ Swatches!
Lorac Pro Palette Review w/ Swatches!
Top Row
Mauve: I honestly feel like this is more of a taupe than Taupe.. but hey, I don't name the colors :) This is another great, matte crease color.
Sable: This color has many uses, including, again, the crease. But I really like it in my outer corner as well. 
Espresso: I love this dark brown because it doesn't have a red undertone, which makes it great to use as a liner under my eyes.
Black: There's not too much to say about it.. its black. And matte, so that's an added bonus. Another great shade to use as liner.
Pewter: I honestly don't think I've used this shade yet and didn't realize it until I swatched it.. and fell in love with it.. and said "wow!" out loud. and then realized I need to use this shade!
Garnet: I feel like this is the "color of the season". I've seen so many great rusty red eyes.. and Garnet is so pigmented its the perfect shade to achieve that!
Deep Purple: This is such a fun color, because I'm brave enough to use it even though I don't typically do color. I can't wait to use it with Pewter. Great for outer corner or an all over color for a dramatic look.
Slate: Kind of intimidating because it looks blue, but its more of a gray on my eyes. Looks great with Black and Nude.

I love this palette overall. My only complaint is the black rubbery/soft packaging (sort of like Nars packaging) only because it gets so messy, and that bothers me. But other than that, I'd say this is the perfect palette for me. I'm planning on doing a comparison with the Naked 2 palette in the future. I never thought I'd say so, but I really do love this palette more than the Naked palettes. Its so versatile, has a great mix of color and neutrals, each color is GREAT quality- not one shade is chalky.. they are all creamy, smooth, and pigmented- and its a combination of mattes/shimmers which I think is what every palette needs. I give it a 9/10 (one point off for packaging!) Have a great day everyone!


  1. Couldn't agree more, LOVE this palette! And yes, hate that it gets so dirty too.