Monday, December 9, 2013

My Blonde to Brunette Transformation!

Welllllll.. ladies and gentlemen, I did something brave.

Let me start off by reminding you that I was born blonde. Have always been blonde. Turned into a darker blonde and have been getting highlights, and eventually dying it a brighter shade of blonde for a little while now. But I identify myself as a blonde and its all I've ever known.

So a couple weeks ago when I got the sudden urge to go dark, I surprised myself. I've never been dark (aside from a month or so when I was 18 and my best friend decided to box dye it.. but it faded quickly and didn't last long). I texted my hairstylist and told her I wanted to do it, and spent a few days searching Pinterest for color inspiration.

I didn't tell anyone. Not sure why. Maybe I was afraid I'd let someone talk me out of it. Either way, only my mom and husband knew. Half of the excitement of going dark was being able to just randomly say BAM. I HAVE DARK HAIR. And surprise everyone.

I was really nervous and would get anxiety about it sometimes lying in bed at night. (Yeah, I'm loony) but I followed through with it, which was pretty shocking. So.. here it is, my brown head!

Thank you so much Kirsten at Studio Helene
Have a great day guys! 


  1. I still cannot believe that you didn't tell me. And I would've NEVER talked you out of it... but I won't lie. The surprise and shock of the picture I got once it was done was priceless. LOVE YOU and LOVE YOUR HAIR! ((Just for the record though - I loved you as a blonde just as much as a brunette! xoxo))