Thursday, December 19, 2013

Beauty Gift-Giving Guide

Christmas gift ideas for a makeup lover/beauty junkie!

So you have a makeup/beauty junkie in your life and don't know what to get her.. If you're not into beauty products then the thought of browsing Sephora or Ulta for the perfect gift may seem a little scary. To be honest, there are certain products that just about any beauty lover would love to have, mainly because of its cult following. Whether they are a dedicated YouTube Beauty video fan or they read beauty blogs, chances are they've not only heard of these products, they've been wanting them. So here's a rundown of the best gifts for a makeup lover. Some are a bit pricey, but I only included products that I know for a fact are worth the price tag.

1. Urban Decay Naked Palettes - $52

What you need to know: These are probably the most famous eyeshadow palettes out there.. There are three of them- The original Naked palette, Naked 2, and the brand spankin' new Naked 3. They are pricey but come with 12 shadows (each of which cost $18 individually) and are great quality. If you're looking for a less expensive, but similar, item, see #4.

2. Philosophy Shower Gel - $16-$20

What you need to know: These are actually a triple threat- they are a shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath all in one. I, personally, wouldn't use it as a shampoo, but they work great for a shower gel/bubble bath. Philosophy products have a great reputation, contain natural ingredients, and smell amazing. 

3. Clarisonic Mia 2 - $150

What you need to know: This one should have been saved for last, since I know the price is a little scary.. This is actually my one must-have item this year. I sure hope I find one under the tree! (hint hint mom) This is a facial cleansing device that can completely change your skin. Its especially great for people who wear makeup daily. It cleanses the skin better than any of its competition, and removes all traces of makeup. There is a less expensive version (the regular Clarisonic or the original Mia) but the Mia 2 actually has a built-in timer, so it tells you how long to clean each section of your face.

4. Naked Basics Palette - $27

What you need to know: Also by Urban Decay, this palette is all apart of the Naked family (hehe) as the 3 palettes described in #1. It has 6 eyeshadows (once again, that retail at $18 individually) in mostly matte shades. Its great for travel or creating quick looks with 6 shades that complement each other well. I personally carry this with me in my purse at all times, for touch-ups, because its small and compact. 

5. Nars Blush in Orgasm - $29

What you need to know: First of all, yes, that's the name. If you're new to the beauty world, I understand if you just blushed a little. It has a slightly inappropriate name, but its a great blush. A universal color that looks great on nearly all skin tones.. plus, its one of the most popular shades out there and wanted by all. I promise. 

6. Benefit's They're Real Mascara - $23

What you need to know: This is such a great mascara, and makes lashes look amazing. Its pretty popular and well-known, because of the great quality. The brush makes it unique. I also included this mascara in my stocking stuffer list, but in the sample size. You can purchase a sample size for $10 online at Sephora, or usually in the line by the check-out counter in Sephora or Ulta. 

7. Real Technique Brushes - $18

What you need to know: The brushes in the picture are all part of the Core Collection (which is the $18 - certain brushes can be purchased individually and cost anywhere from $6-$10). If you've read my blog at all, that means you're heard about these brushes a bajillion times.. They're great. I love them. So do a lot of other people. That's pretty much all you need to know in a nutshell! (Read more here)

So that's a wrap! I truly think any girl who is even remotely into makeup would love and appreciate these products.. expert or newbie. And, of course, if you're unsure of what she has or doesn't have, or what she would or wouldn't like, buy her an Ulta or Sephora gift card! Any girl would love the opportunity to go on a mini makeup shopping spree! Have a great day everyone! 


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