Friday, October 25, 2013

My Pinterest-Inspired Nails

Like I said before... I fell in love with the black + leopard nails I found on Pinterest

I am not talented enough to do the leopard myself. So I cheated. I used these Maybelline Color Show Nail Stickers. They're limited edition, so get 'em soon! I got mine at Rite Aid for about $9. I've always been intimidated by the many nail decal/stickers out there. They always look pretty, but I never wanted to shell out the money (~$6-$12 depending on the brand) in case they were hard to use, or didn't last long. But when I saw the mirrored leopard ones, I had to pick them up.

I was kind of surprised at how easy they are to apply. I just found the correct size for my finger, pressed, folded it over at the end, and then filed the end off, like the instructions said. I didn't realize until after I had them on, that they actually came with their own nail file and cuticle stick. So I'll be sure to use those next time! As for the length of time they stay on, I'll have to update you in a few days. But for now, I accomplished the look I was going for, and they're super cute, so I'm happy! Here's the finished product...

(black nail polish is "Black Expressions" by Finger Paints) 

So what do you think? Good interpretation of one of my favorite fall nail trends? Comment below!

Update: It has been 3 days and I currently have one nail decal hanging on strong, and the other didn't make it. I was about to write an update explaining that while I love the concept and the look of the nail decals, they're better for a night out or a certain event, and not for long-term wear; however, then I remembered what I did wrong. I applied a base coat to every finger on my left hand, when I remembered that the instructions said to apply to clean, bare nails. So I used nail polish remover on the finger I wanted to apply the decal and removed the polish so that the nail was clean. I wasn't thinking and made the same mistake on my right hand, and didn't remember the base coat until after the decal was applied. So on my left hand, the decal was applied to a clean, bare nail and has lasted through 3 showers, dish-washing, typing blog posts, and every day life. The decal on my right hand was applied (accidentally) over a  base coat, and after 3 days, it started peeling off at the top. I kept pressing it down and trying to get it to stay, but I finally got tired of it, and peeled it off. So, so far the left hand is still sticking and looks great, because I followed the instructions and applied it exactly how I was supposed to. The base coat on the right hand really did make a difference, so be sure to follow the instructions, and you should have a long-lasting decal. Have a great day, hope this helped! 


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