Thursday, January 9, 2014

The 5 palettes you need in your life & why!

The 5 palettes you NEED in your life & why!

Eye shadow palettes are expensive. I'll be honest, none of these are cheap. And just like I said in my high-end makeup post, they're an investment. And if you're going to invest in expensive makeup, I'd say eye shadows are the way to go. I try and try to go back to drugstore eye shadows, especially when I see a color that I like, but they just never meet the quality I've come to love with the palettes above. 

I've actually had a lot of people ask me which palettes they should buy. There are some great ones out there, and when you're spending that kind of money you want to be sure its something you'll use all the time. The palettes I will list below are all great for different reasons, and you can makeup your own mind about which ones you think you'll use the most, and which ones you think are worth investing your money in! 

1. Lorac Pro Palette, $42
I feel bad mentioning this again because I haven't done a review with swatches yet. But I will be doing it very soon, I promise! Anyway, I already mentioned yesterday that I love this palette. There are 8 matte shades and 8 shimmery shades. I feel confident saying anyone will love this palette because it has a little bit of everything. If you're looking for something you can create all different looks with, this is the palette you should buy. You can go dramatic, natural, play around with color, or do something completely neutral. 

2. Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, $52
I can't stress enough that this palette is not just pinks. There are some really neutral colors that don't look pink at all.. and no, it will not make you look like you have pink eye! This palette is great for romantic looks. Perfect for date night, Valentines Day, weddings.. the list goes on and on. I'm starting to love it more and more every time I use it. If you're just starting out and are leery of these sort of colors, I'd say this palette isn't for you. But if you want to create romantic, ethereal looks and experiment with something out of your comfort zone, please, please, please pick up the Naked 3 palette!! (read more here)

3. Stila In The Light Palette, $40
I almost didn't include this one because the colors in this palette are very similar to those in the Lorac Pro Palette, but compared to all the Naked palettes it has a slightly cheaper price, so I wanted to mention it. Like I said, the shades are similar to the Pro Palette; however, the majority of these shades are shimmers, not mattes. To be honest, I picked up this palette because it includes Kitten, which is one of Stila's most famous and sold-out eye shadows. Its a gorgeous shimmery creamy white that is perfect for highlight the brow bone and inner corners. The other reason was the bronzy/red colors in the palette. I didn't own any like that and wanted to try. Perfect for all seasons, and all the colors work really well together. If you're looking for easy-to-use shadows and shades that can all work together, this palette is great.

4. The Balm's Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette, $42
I know a lot of people are completely intimidated by matte shades. I hear so many people say "Oh I hate matte colors I don't use them" and I can relate because I was that person a few months ago. I admit, they're harder to blend and they seem not as pretty because you don't have sparkle all over your eye. But trust me, once you start to figure it all out, matte shades may become your favorite. They're perfect for a striking, more natural look. This palette is THE only one you need to create matte looks. The colors are creamy, all work well together, and there are so many great colors in it that you may not even know you need.. but you do! Obviously I included this palette because you do need matte colors. (Please, please, please don't commit the sin of putting a shimmer in your crease.. it makes your eyes look so much smaller!!) If you're looking for great matte shades, buy the Meet Matte palette.. I found mine on HauteLook for much cheaper than the retail price. (Read more about this palette here.) 

5. Urban Decay Naked & Naked 2 Palettes, $52
I included these together mainly because I consider them one in the same.. in a weird way. Yes, they have mostly different colors and are two completely different palettes, but the fact that they're so neutral and have the same purpose, made me want to group them together. I don't own the original Naked palette, only Naked 2. So I can't do a full comparison. But they both create such natural, "nude" looks and the quality is the exact same. If you want a combination of warm and cool browns, greys, taupes, bronzes, and light highlight shades, this is the palette for you. There is no color, all just earth tones. Which I think is a great starter palette for anyone. I recommend this for anyone who, like with the Lorac Pro Palette, wants to experiment, play around, and get daily use out of a palette.. but unlike the Pro Palette, doesn't want use too much color. As for a distinction between the two palettes, I suggest going into Ulta or Sephora and looking closely at them yourself. Swatch them, compare them side to side. You make the decision on which shades you think you'd use more. I honestly don't think you can make a mistake with either palette. 

I'd love to hear your favorite palettes.. and if this helped you find your perfect palette, let me know!


  1. So after reading this I thought I would give one of these a try and I had a 20% off coupon at Ulta so why not. Well I went it and decided on the Naked. And honestly I love it its such high quality and lasts forever. I would definitely recommend this and will most likely be purchasing the other Naked palettes as well. Thanks!!!