Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Naked 3 Palette Review w/ Swatches!

FYI: I realized weeks after this post was written that I kept getting the name of the last shadow wrong. It is blackheart not blackout. Sorry! I changed it in the post itself, but not in the photos, so just ignore that part! Or, since I CANNOT get the name right to save my life, maybe I'll just start a new trend and we can all call it blackout? :-)

Shew! Its been a while! I'm finally posting again.. after a long weekend with 2 Thanksgiving dinners and some other exciting things I'll tell you about later :) And its finally time for my Naked 3 palette review with swatches!

But first: Congratulations to Robyn, my giveaway winner!
She has already been contacted and I'll be sending her prizes this week. Thank you so much to everyone who entered! I got to "meet" lots of you in the comment section, on twitter, and even on Instagram. So thank you, thank you, thank you! I had a lot of fun so I plan to do another giveaway soon. Any suggestions on what you'd guys like to win? I'll be thinking about it! But now, lets do this thang!

Naked 3 palette swatch & review! || makingup-your-mind.blogspot.com
Naked 3 palette swatches & review

I already showed you my first Naked 3 look here.. and I mentioned that I love it. I've been using it some more, experimented with some more looks, and nothing has changed. I still love it :) Like I mentioned before, I haven't really ever worn pink-toned shadows, so I was definitely stepping out of the box buying this palette; and trust me, I didn't just order it because it was another Naked palette. I bought it because I wanted to try something new, and I'm glad I did. My main fear was that the pink tones would cause me to look sick, or like I had pink eye. But I was wrong. They're the perfect mix of pinks/neutrals so that it doesn't make you look sick at all.. it gives a really unique, pretty, feminine look that I'm really excited about.

First and foremost, the basics. 
-Retails for $52
-At the moments it is only available at UrbanDecay.com
-Has already sold out, but they're back in stock! So get it quick!

Naked 3 palette swatch & review! || makingup-your-mind.blogspot.com
The palette itself is really pretty. Its a hard case, like the Naked 2 palette, in rose gold.
Naked 3 palette swatch & review! || makingup-your-mind.blogspot.com
Naked 3 palette swatch & review! || makingup-your-mind.blogspot.com
Like the other 2 Naked palettes, it comes with 12 shades with a mix of
shimmery and matte shades.
Naked 3 palette swatch & review! || makingup-your-mind.blogspot.com
The first 5 shades are the lightest shades. I really should have used a primer before swatching, because they just didn't show up that well on my skin tone.
1. Strange - A great highlight shade, obviously. Although it does have a tiny bit of sheen to it, it almost looks matte. Its definitely not a super sparkly highlight, but I love it because it looks natural. It does, however, take a few layers to make it as opaque as you see in the photo. It doesn't have great color payoff, but its buildable. 
2. Dust - Dust is a medium pink. This is the sparkliest shade of all, and has lots of glitter. If you wanted this color to stand out, I'd pack it on with a wet brush. I think it would look amazing. I really love adding this color right to the center of my lid for a "pop" because of the shimmer.
3. Burnout - This shade has more of a satin/pearly finish; not too sparkly, but not matte. Its more of a peachy color and the texture is so smooth (not chalky)
4. Limit - One of the gorgeous matte shades. I'd call it a dusty rose. I love love love this color in my crease, combined with nooner. Very nice pigmentation, you should use with a light hand. 
5. Buzz - More of a metallic shade. Sort of a coppery pink, if that makes sense. Definitely has a metallic finish, and is just pink enough to be pink, but would look great with a mix of browns or taupes. 

Naked 3 palette swatch & review! || makingup-your-mind.blogspot.com
As you can see, the next 7 (aside from tick) are the darkest and most pigmented. It didn't take much to swatch these at all. They went on so smooth. 
6. Trick - A very light-washed shade, but it works. I think if you were going for a really natural look this would be a great shade for all over your lid.
7. Nooner - This is quickly becoming my favorite shade, mainly because I have a thing for matte shadows. Its just such a perfect color, a deep matte mauve. This color in the crease, with limit as a transition color.. ahh. Lately I've been wearing those 2 colors in the crease, with practically nothing but strange on the lid. I just love it. Oh and the texture is super buttery and smooth.
8. Liar - This is another that is just neutral enough that it can work with anything. Its a warm metallic brown, with pink undertones. Very pigmented.
9. Factory - This is a brownish color with warm, red undertones. The texture is really soft, and a bit shimmery. 
10. Mugshot - I thought this shade would be my favorite.. but I'm kind of "eh" about it. Its a little too basic for me. But it does work really well in combination with all of the other colors. Its another metallic shade, sort of a combination between brown and taupe.
11. Darkside - Sort of similar to mugshot, but more of a mauvy taupe. Another metallic finish. Very, very pigmented. The first time I used it I had to remove some and blend out well because it had a lot more color payoff than I expected. I like to wear this in my outer corner.
12. Blackheart - This is a black color with flecks of red glitter. I was unsure on how I would feel about it, buts its growing on me. The red doesn't stand out, obviously, and the color is really blendable. Along with the red glitter, it has a bit of warm red undertones. I haven't used this shade much, but the couple of times I had, I liked it.  
Naked 3 palette swatch & review! || makingup-your-mind.blogspot.com
Like the other Naked palettes it comes with a great dual-ended brush. A blending brush on one end, and a shadow brush. I know a lot of people prefer the eyeliner that came in the original Naked palette, but I actually love the UD brushes. They don't shed, they're nice and fluffy, and blend well. The shader brush that came in both Naked 2 & 3 are my favorites for packing on a color all over the lid.

Obviously, I love it overall. What I like most about the Naked palettes is that each color can stand alone, and can be combined with any other shade in the palette for a gorgeous look, and this palette is no different. Since I've never experimented with pinks before, this palette is so exciting to me, and I want to play with it every day! I've been using it on my eyes exclusively for the past week, and am playing with all kinds of looks, so I hope to share some soon! So, will you guys be ordering the Naked 3 palette? I'd love to hear your thoughts!