Friday, December 13, 2013

December Birchbox

December Birchbox!

I received my December Birchbox today! I was so excited to see the shiny gold box in my mailbox with "Happy Holidays" on the front. And I could tell it had a lot in it because it was heavy! I'll cut to the chase, here's what's in it:

December Birchbox!
My 2 favorite items: The lip gloss and the CHOCOLATE. (These aren't in any order, just my random
P.S. If you're interested in trying out Birchbox for yourself, sign up HERE

Lip Gloss: I wasn't too impressed with the lip gloss at first. It isn't a color I'd normally gravitate to and I'm not really a big lip gloss person in the first place. But the card it came on claimed that it is their most wanted lip gloss and has tons of 5 star Birchbox reviews, so I had to try it out; and I was pleasantly surprised! The color still isn't my favorite, but it feels so amazing, I'll rock it anyway! Its super minty and feels great on my lips, plus it made them feel soft (which is rare these days- I majorly need to exfoliate) and the soft feeling is pretty long lasting! I've had it on for well over an hour and I still feel it.

Chocolate covered fortune cookie: I mean, why have I never had one before in the first place? I would describe it as: oh my goodness SO yummy. I ate it in 2 bites and I'm really considering using my Birchbox points to buy some more. Yes, that's sad. I've saved up points and I'm going to use them on chocolate. Don't judge me. Oh! And it came with a fortune- "A white Christmas is coming your way" :) How cute!

Body lotion: I'm undecided on this one for now. The texture is sort of watery so I didn't expect it to be too moisturizing, but it does feel nice on the back of my hand, so I may be wrong. The tube says it contains honey and organic chamomile extracts. I'm guessing that's where the smell comes from. The smell is what I'm undecided about. Honestly, my first thought was that it smells like Pledge. Yeah, the dusting stuff. But I kinda sorta like it. We'll see.

Hairspray: I haven't used this yet, because my hair is currently in a "blob" on top of my head. I'm kind of excited about it though because its a non-aerosol hair spray, which I've never tried. I'm big on smells so I did give it a 'sniff' and it smells like a typical hairspray. Can't think of the particular one, but it smells familiar.
Update: I decided to try this hairspray out yesterday. I curled my hair on the ends and sprayed the non-aerosol spray all on my ends. Throughout the day I kept noticing how knotty my hair was getting, which isn't the norm for me. Halfway through my shopping trip I couldn't even get my fingers through my hair! There were "rats nests" sort of matted knots all through my hair. This never happens so I'm blaming the hairspray! It took forever to get the knots out, and I ended up having to wear my hair up the rest of the day because of how bad it looked. I don't recommend this hairspray! 

Skin Care: I'm not too crazy about anything in packets. I guess I'm a diva. I just prefer my samples in tubes/bottles. I may try it, not sure. I usually throw all my sample packets in a drawer and pull them out on rainy days. I'm still loving my current skincare line (read about Arbonne here) so I'm not looking to try anything new.

They also sent out a little card announcing that Birchbox is now mobile! They have a new Birchbox app where you can track your Birchbox, buy full-sized products, and browse other products. The card came with a little diamond shaped thing with the Birchbox logo.. apparently called a digimate sticker? I was so confused about it at first, but apparently it sticks to the back of your phone, and you can use the non-sticky side to clean your screen, then reattach it to the back. I've never heard of these little guys before, but its cute I guess!

So that's it. I'd rate this box a 6/10. I did like last month's box better, but I loved the fortune cookie, yum! I recently subscribed to Ipsy, and I'm finally off the waiting list. So I should receive my first box in January. So be on the lookout next month for a comparison! And don't forget, if you loved this Birchbox and want to try it out for yourself, you can sign up HERE!


  1. I received the same BeeKind body lotion and couldn't quite pin down which cleaning supply it smelled like, but it is definitely Pledge!! I wasn't a fan of it either, but I like the fact that company supports the honeybee population. I reviewed my Dec Birchbox at: