Saturday, August 1, 2015

StitchFix Round 2

Sooo.. I got my second Stitchfix. I wasn't sure if you guys wanted to hear about it, but it seems as if people are curious about my second box, so I decided to snap some quick pictures.

First of all, if you're wondering what StitchFix is read this post. 

When I originally started this post I was a bit frustrated and about to cancel my subscription alltogether.. but after I calmed down (I may be a bit dramatic) I decided to give it a couple more months to see if I can manipulate my stylist show my stylist(s) what I'm into- and for the record, I'm not into cargo shorts. :-)

And I'm willing to admit that maybe I'm not cut out for StitchFix... I'm picky, boring, and I know what I like. So maybe that doesn't work well with having my own stylist from afar. I think the biggest issue is that my style doesn't mesh with StitchFix's style. Yes, I said StitchFix's style. More on that later. First, let me just show you what I got.

Filagree Ribbon Tank, $48

Iriss Twill Short, $58
(sorry for the awkward wedgie butt shot! just trying to show the pockets lol)

Corinna Striped Dolman Top, $48
Tami Floral Dress, $68
Huron Mixed Material Reversible Tote, $54

I think I may come across as impossible to please, and I promise, I'm not. 

Here's my issue: search the #stitchfix hashtag on Instagram, look at the photos on Pinterest. All the clothes look the same! The same style. Sort of preppy, flowy tops, geometric prints with unique detail like ribbon straps or an open back. In my opinion, Stitchfix doesn't exactly personalize a wardrobe just for you. I think they have a warehouse of lookalike clothing for moms and they pick and choose 4 or 5 items without really giving it much consideration. Oops. 

I'll let you decide.. these are the things I specifically told my stylist(s) from the beginning and made very clear in every comment
- I don't wear a lot of color
- I hate prints
- I don't like flowy tops because I'm busty and they make me look pregnant
- I prefer edgier clothing 
- I prefer black and grey
- I did not want a lot of accessories

also, here's a screen shot of my 'style' board on pinterest, which she is supposedly going off of. does it look anything like my last 2 fixes?So.. in short:

• the pink top isn't me, in any way, shape, or form and it was actually very unflattering and flowy, which I specifically said I didn't want
• the shorts were awful. very comfy, but nothing that I would ever wear. you can't see well in the picture but they had big bulky cargo pockets and were very high waisted, but not in a cute way, in an... old lady way (sorry)
• the dolman sleeve top is very cute and I'm keeping it, but I'll have to save it for fall obviously since its 3/4 sleeve and very thick.
• the dress was way too big and nothing I would ever wear
• the tote was actually pretty cute, but felt cheap for $50 and I don't usually use big bags anyway

So.. am I being entirely too picky? I KNOW that these clothes aren't ugly or unfashionable. I just think since I'm technically paying a stylist to learn my style.. they'd try a little harder than to send the exact things I said I prefer not to receive, right?? right?? Or am I being a brat? If I am, you're allowed to tell me. 

All that said.. I'm giving it 2 more boxes. I'm going to give lots of detailed responses about the clothing I received, and update my style profile so that there is NO QUESTION ABOUT IT- I DON'T WANT PRINTS OR COLORS :-) shew! 

I seriously NEEEED to hear your thoughts. Am I being crazy?? Tell me!
Katie xox