Saturday, May 16, 2015

Arbonne Liquid Sunshine Self Tanner Review

I'm not totally against a real tan, although I do take sun safety seriously. To be honest, it just hasn't been consistently warm enough here to lay out or go to the beach to get a real tan! So when my sister told me about Arbonne's Liquid Sunshine self tanner, I was all about it, because I'm really tired of having pale legs.

First of all, I'm lucky enough to tan easily, without burning, so I've never been a self-tan kind of girl. I hate seeing people walk around with orange streaky feet and legs, with orange palms. But she assured me that it is actually easy to use and not orange like some other self tanners, so I gave in and tried it.

Here were her instructions:
- shave, exfoliate, and moisturize first. yes, cover yourself in regular lotion BEFORE applying the tanner, if your skin is patchy, dry, or scaly, the tanner is going to cling to those areas, as with any fake tan.
- shake tanner bottle well
- use a generous amount and rub in well. apply lightly  to knees, ankles, and feet. (one tip I've read is to mix tanner with regular lotion for these areas. it makes the tanner less effective and doesn't look streaky or blotchy at all)
- wash hands well to remove all tanner off of hands
- let dry completely before putting clothes on

As you can see, I had great results! I was so pleased, especially for someone who isn't into tanners. I wasn't orange at all, the color was very even. And the best part was that I saw results in 2 hours (actually a little less). It was easy to use, although I will say you should still be careful and deliberate, don't just rub it on and go. be mindful of the ankle and foot area.. I wasn't as careful with my ankles and did notice the back of my ankle was a little darker/uneven, but I blame myself because I didn't really moisturize that area as well and I wasn't that careful while applying.

My plan was to do a second application the next day, but when I woke up I realized I didn't really need a second application. The color developed a bit more overnight and I was the exact color I wanted to be (I tried taking pictures but because of the natural lighting in my house that day my legs actually looked a couple shades lighter). My first application was on Wednesday, today is Saturday and it has faded a bit, but definitely still noticeable, so I plan to do a second coat today and update you guys tomorrow or Monday. :-)

Some questions I was asked, by you guys! (P.S. these were from Instagram- I posted there first, so if you aren't following me, GO! @makupyourmind)

Q- Does it have a smell?
A- It has a slight smell- the initial smell just smells like any lotion. I did notice a tiny bit of a tanner smell but I didn't mind at all, it was very subtle.

Q- Does it rub off on your sheets?
A- No. Once it dried I put on light colored shorts, sat on a white blanket, and slept on my white sheets that night and it never rubbed off.

Q- How long does it last?
A- Like I said, I applied Wednesday, and today is Saturday and I still notice slight color. I'd say 4-5 days with one coat. Probably longer but I've shaved and showered every day since then.

Q- Does it fade naturally?
A- Yes. I've had tans before that made me speckly and dirty looking when they fade. This honestly just looks like less color, with no unevenness or "dots" like I've seen before.

Q- Where can I buy it?
A- You can order directly from THIS LINK or you can contact Kristin Daniels at

Stay tuned for pictures of my second application.. I'll post an update with my final thoughts!