Monday, April 14, 2014

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We all get stuck in our routine. I wore my makeup the same way every day for years. I wore the same foundation, eyeliner, mascara, etc and refused to budge. 

Even when I started to experiment with some new products, the thought of wearing a dark lipstick or a pop of color was pretty intimidating to me. But I got brave and I did it, and I'm so glad I did! Now, wearing color on my lips is one of my favorite ways to bump up my look. 

I know it can be a bit daunting to change up your look, but I want you guys to take a risk! 
All this week (ending next Monday) I'm challenging you to change up your look.
Take a risk, be different, and embrace it! 

Need some ideas? 

- part your hair differently.. a small, but easy step! 
- wear a bright lipstick
- skip eyeliner for the day 
- wear false lashes
- rock some bold brows
- dye your hair!
- wear a bright blush
- try some colorful eye shadow 

The risk is up to you. Just do something that you would never normally do. 
Don't be scared or self-conscious. The whole point of this challenge is for you to break out of your shell and try something different.. if you embrace it and wear it with confidence, it'll work, I promise! 

Part 2 of the challenge is to take a picture and upload it to Instagram.
then hasthag #changeupchallenge 
(you can tag me as well if you want)

Then tell all your friends about the challenge
The picture with the most likes wins! 

You'll need to be following me on Instagram to enter

if you share the photo below as well 
and tell your friends about the challenge, I'll like your #changeupchallenge photo
so you're guaranteed an extra like! just be sure to tag me at @makupyourmind

Have fun.. and be brave! 


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